It is more challenging to write a job description for a new or redesigned job. Job-holders bring job descriptions to life in the process of carrying out activities. And you cannot collect job-holders’ Spotlight profiles while there is no-one yet doing this job!

Fortunately, it is still possible to use the Spotlight examples of activities, levels and terminology to enrich and improve job descriptions for new or redesigned jobs.

Improving job descriptions

Step 1 Search the Thesaurus of terms for writing further activity descriptors to find relevant words or phrases you can use to help you write your own activity descriptors.
Step 2 Select relevant activities and levels from the list of examples of activities in the 

Spotlight Job Requirements Analysis Workbook – International version or the

Spotlight Job Requirements Analysis Workbook – Aotearoa/NZ version

Step 3 Modify or combine Spotlight skills to suit the anticipated skills needed to do the new or redesigned job.
Step 4

Check and update job descriptions.

Once you have a job-holder well established in the new position, for example after 6 months, it is a good idea to obtain their Spotlight profile to check the description for accuracy. After that it is good to update job descriptions at least once every three years, as jobs evolve and change.



In order to keep to deadlines, an experienced staff member the job-holder will frequently reprioritise tasks during the day by judging the urgency of simultaneous calls on their attention.