You can use your Spotlight profile to help update your job description and make it clearer and more accurate. That way, you will be able to show more clearly when you are doing a good job and find better ways to improve further. In updating your job description you may also find useful terms that you can use to describe your activities at work in the thesaurus.

In updating and clarifying your job description you will need the agreement of your employer or manager. You may wish to do this exercise alongside your team leader or manager. Alternatively you can do the exercise along with co-workers in the same job, and then take the suggested revisions to a meeting with your manager or employer.

Checking your job description

Step 1 Complete a  Jobholder Skills Workbook - International version or a Jobholder Skills Workbook Aotearoa/NZ version

Step 2

Now look at your job description.

Is it accurate?  Does it cover all the things you need to do so that the job is done well? Is the job description clear or does it contain vague terms?

Step 3

Make a list of any tasks and responsibilities in your job description that you do not normally have to do in this job.

It may be some time since your job description was last updated. Some of the tasks and responsibilities listed there may be no longer relevant. Perhaps the technology has changed, or there has been a restructuring.

Step 4

List examples in your Spotlight workbook where you have selected the statements: “I regularly use this skill in my present job” or “I want to gain this skill to help my development in my present job” but that are not yet in your job description.

Do you have any other examples of work you need to do to do your job well, and that are not in your job description?

Step 5

Does your job description include any unclear terms? If so, Spotlight can help you flesh out these terms.

Many job descriptions are too vague. Often they contain terms that have no meaning unless they are elaborated. Such terms include customer focus, problem-solving, teamwork and leadership skills. Phrases such as ‘…and further duties as required’ are not helpful in clarifying the job-holder’s responsibilities.

Using Spotlight to describe customer focus skills  

Using Spotlight to describe problem-solving skills

Using Spotlight to describe teamwork skills

Using Spotlight to describe leadership skills