The feedback given to the Administrative Officer (see an example of Spotlight skills in action) might be as follows:

  • In routine work situations, you are exercising independent skills in automatically monitoring your own reactions and those of others (A2), in using both verbal and non-verbal communication (B2) and in managing intercultural interactions effectively (B3). The use of these skills can be consolidated further in the coming months.
  • You need no prompting when it comes to making accurate assessments of the impacts of your actions in everyday work situations (A3). This means you are ready to work in more unfamiliar situations where impacts are not so clear cut. We will need to identify and provide opportunities for you to do this.
  • You will be given further opportunities for solving problems in monitoring contexts (A1), interpreting challenging situations (A1) and taking part in demanding negotiations with customers, contractors or other people outside authority lines (B1).
  • You have a range of problem-solving skills in effectively managing your own work and determining priorities (C1). You will be asked to share some of your tricks of the trade in this area in team or coaching situations.
  • In routine situations, you are working in well with colleagues’ requirements (C2). This skill can now be applied in more demanding situations where you will need to solve coordination problems.
  • You have not been called on to respond to emergencies or major workflow disruptions (C3), but as you are handling interruptions in your own work (C1) at the problem-solving level, in the next appraisal period, you will be called on to help out in situations such as system outages.