If someone asks you what you have been doing at work, you may say, “I just do what has to be done”. The capabilities your job requires can be hard to put into words. Spotlight will help you to highlight the hidden skills in your job.

The Spotlight workbook is designed to identify nine types of less visible skill demands that you may find in your job. Naming these skill demands will help you describe them (for example when you have a performance appraisal or apply for another job). Spotlight will also identify the level at which you currently use these skills in your present job. It will also ask you about skills you already have but don’t need in this job, and about skills you’d like to have for your future development.

You will be able to generate a profile of the Spotlight skills you possess and your opportunities for further development. Just complete the Jobholder Skills Workbook - International version or the Jobholder Skills Workbook - Aotearoa/NZ version. Then follow the instructions to self-assess. 

Spotlight will also help you in: