During or immediately after each interview, please write your own comment on each applicant’s response to this question, before discussing these comments with the rest of the panel.

The Spotlight Job Interview Decision Sheet is designed as a worksheet for use during job interviews, to help panel members record consistent information, based on each applicant’s responses to the same questions.


Using Spotlight in recruitment

Example of a completed entry in a decision sheet:

Spotlight element

Activity example

Personal quality

Behavioural question

Target level/time

Interviewer/panel comment

A2. Monitor reactions

In this job, it is important to pick the right moment to give unwelcome news to clients and to judge from a client’s reactions how much to say.



Please describe a situation in which you needed to be very aware of the reactions of other people.

Level 3

12 months

Example was not very well linked to job criteria – focused on impression management – training in empathy will be required.

 Now panel members will need to decide:

  • Which of the Spotlight’s nine skill elements each candidate has learned in previous similar work
  • At which of the five levels the candidate exercises these skills
  • How much time the jobholder to reach the level required to do this job well
  • On balance, which candidate performs best and should be offered the position.

During or immediately after each interview, all panel members will independently write comments on the applicant’s responses. These comments will subsequently be discussed, in order to arrive at a decision about each applicant’s potential to reach the required skill level within the timeframe specified. The decision sheets will provide a written record of the reasons for the decision, in case it is ever questioned.