Career development can take many forms, including:

  • promotion to more senior roles within the organisation where you currently work (if promotion opportunities are available)
  • secondments
  • standing in for more senior staff
  • moving sideways to increase your experience
  • being involved in projects or committees
  • receiving mentoring or coaching from more experienced colleagues or managers

If you are already employed, you should complete your Jobholder Skills Workbook - international version or the Jobholder Skills Workbook - Aotearoa/NZ version. If you are a job-seeker you should complete the Job Seeker Workbook - International version or the Job Seeker Workbook - Aotearoa/NZ version. The workbooks will give you an indication of skills you already possess, and your scope for future development. 

Spotlight can assist with your future career development. It can help you strengthen your  CV so that you can apply for more senior or challenging roles in the organisation where you work now or other organisations.

Career development in terms of the five Spotlight skill levels entails progression through five stages of learning your own job, becoming proficient, solving problems, sharing your expertise with others and leadership/innovation.You can use the Spotlight profile to assist you in mapping your career path and strengthening your CV.

Of course you may have developed some Spotlight skills, but may not be required to use them in your current job. Make a note of any of these. It may be possible to negotiate with your manager to be able to use them in your current job. Or you may see another job that calls for these skills.

It is also likely that some of the skills and activities that appear in the workbook cannot be used in your current job. Many jobs do not require staff to use skills at levels 4 and 5. If you see skills that you would like to use in your future career, make note of these for your personal development goals and career planning.

Spotlight can also provide you with examples that you may wish to use in preparing for job interviews.