Performance appraisal for staff members

Your staff appraisal or performance management meeting with your manager should be an opportunity for you and the manager to reflect on what you have achieved so far and what your next development goals are. Spotlight can help you to more clearly describe what you already do and also help you map out what you want to achieve next.

Using Spotlight for performance appraisal, training and development

Step 1 Generate your Spotlight profile using the Jobholder Skills Workbook - International version or the Jobholder Skills Workbook - Aotearoa/NZ version. Then create your radial diagram. 
Step 2

Look at your radial diagram -  the one that looks like a spider’s web.  Your manager may be unaware of some of the Spotlight skills you use in your job. Be prepared to discuss this.

Focus on the profile of skills you use in your present job (the ones (you will find them between the centre, 0 and the solid blue line). This shows at a glance the skills you already use on a regular basis.

Step 3

Look at your radial diagram and observe the spaces between to solid blue line and the red dotted line.

 These are your ‘stretch goals’ and can be discussed with your manager.

Step 4 Negotiate stretch goals with your manager.